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McKay Crowley, MD - Owner Canterbury Farms, LLC

As you well know, we physicians first believe in doing no harm in the treatment of our patients. So it is with delight that I can tell you the product you recommended for Brady, my daughter's much loved 10-year-old thoroughbred, not only fixed his problem, he loved the treatment ... read more

Erin Petrich, DVM

I was given free samples to use of Organic Horses All-Natural Cream and Body Wash and I am very impressed. I have used both now on my personal animals and seen great sucess. I have used it to treat Culicoides Hypersensitivity in one horse and if used daily it almost completely healed his breakouts along his ventrum and neck areas. It also helped soothe his tail.. read more

Pat Baker

About a year ago, my veterinarian (Vickie Newell) and farrier happened to be at the barn on the same day. My horse, Macaroni, had been diagnosed with thrush in his back feet. My husband and I are very diligent about keeping his feet picked and cleaned every day so it was quite a surprise to both of us... read more

Amy Hammond - Dreaming Tree Farm

I would like to take a moment to commend you on your organic Wash and Cream! With the mild winters we have been having, I have been using your products to combat the insect bites and other maladies that persist year around on my horses and dogs. Your Body Wash is a miracle! read more

Scott Shiminski - Scott's Farrier Service

I am a farrier, and have used your product for the treatment of thrush on several occasions. I have had tremendous results in shorter periods of time from that of "conventional" treatments. I have used your products in an extreme case that include maggots living in the cleft of the frog. In more typical cases of thrush I have achieved faster results in treatment when using your product.  read more

Wellsmont Farm

Thank you so much for recommending Organic Horses All-Natural Cream for my horses. I have been trying to eliminate the aural plaque from my mare's ear for years to no avail, and it was gone within three weeks of using this product. Cora was easy to treat daily and never became ear-shy  read more

Jennifer Church

I used your All-Natural Body Wash last summer on my two horses, Ginger and Stormy, and I want to tell you how pleased I am with your product read more

Farrier Service

I have been a farrier for over twenty years. I have dealt with a lot of horses, a lot of horse issues, and a lot of thrush.....Your organic products work as well or better as the formaldehyde product, but is safer. Organic Horses is the product line I want my clients to use. read more

Pauline F. Hixson - MD, FACEP

This letter concerns your product All-Natural Body Wash. I have been using it on my New Forest Pony mare, Charm. She has a severe allergy to biting flies and two years ago was pregnant. The poor pony was almost bald and absolutely miserable.... After a week or so of daily baths with the wash, he was markedly improved!.... I strongly recommend this product! read more

Ashley Peacock

As an owner of 3 show horses and a boarding facility, I am very happy with Organic Horses Shampoo and Horse spray. My horses are constantly getting baths when on the road so it has been important to use a product that does not dry them out...read more

Marianne Price

I wanted to let you know about my great experience using the Organic Horses products. Rocky is grey, so usually suffers from scabs and swelling in his chest, his midline and behind his elbows. I started using the body wash about 8 weeks ago and he is scab free! ...read more

Claire Hider

As horse owners, we have all experienced that horrible feeling inside our stomachs when our best friends are scraped up and bleeding. Recently, my horse suffered abrasions and lacerations on his legs. I was devastated. My veterinarian recommended your All Natural Cream. After a week or two of daily applications, his abrasions healed beautifully....read more