going green for our planet and our horses



Seborrhea, secondary to anhidrosis, caused Clyde's thick coat to mat. The matted hair was successfully removed with six weeks of daily washing with ALL NATURAL BODY WASH



This wound could not be sutured and was cleaned with ALL NATURAL BODY WASH followed by daily applications of ALL NATURAL CREAM.
Three weeks later the wound was healed without debriding because no proud flesh ever formed.



ALL NATURAL CREAM was used for two days to soften the scabs associated with her scratches. The second picture was taken after two additional days of using the ALL NATURAL BODY WASH to remove the softened scabs.



Normally a pasture horse, this 4 year old Gypsy Vanner is ready for the show ring after one bath with the high-cleaning, whitening ALL NATURAL SHOW SHAMPOO


Aural Plaque

Showing no skin irritation after 6 days of application of ALL NATURAL CREAM


Clifton Cat

Suffered a wire cut. Owner applied ALL NATURAL CREAM daily. Within 30 days, the hair had completely regrown with no proud flesh.



31 year old rescue mare had severe rain rot secondary to Cushings disease. The winter coat was gone, leaving a healthy shine, after 15 days of washing with ALL NATURAL BODY WASH



For 3 years Charmorro's owner cleaned the injured area with recommended commercial products. The harsh chemicals resulted in the area becoming hairless and very painful. Within one month of cleaning with ALL NATURAL BODY WASHand application of ALL NATURAL CREAM the hair had regrown and the skin was not painful.



This absess was opened up and the necrotic debris were removed. After 5 weeks of daily application of ALL NATURAL PROBLEM HOOF SOLUTION, we saw great improvement!